Thomas Macy (1612-1682)

Ninth Great-Grandfather

Born in England in 1612

Died Nantucket 1645

Married Sarah Hopcott

Daughter Mary Macy (1648-1712)

Near the village of Salisbury, in Wiltshire, Emgland, in the parish of Chilmark, resided, prior to his embarkation to America in ca. 1635, Thomas Macy.

The name of the vessel upon which he sailed is not recorded.

He is one of the original settlers of Salisbury, Massachusetts. He is listed there with a lot in 1639.

He is listed as "a merchant, planter, one of the selectmen, a juryman and also a preacher."

Massachusetts laws passed in 1656 and 1657 restricted the freedom of worship. How ironic that these settlers who in large part fled England to freely worship as they wished would so rapidly impose the same types of restrictions in their new land!

Thomas Macy was prosecuted for violating these laws which prohibited "entertaining Quakers". He was fined 30 shillings and admonished by the governor. He sheltered Edward Wharton, William Robinson and Marmaduke Stephenson during a rainstorm. The last two were hanged on Boston Common on October 27th, 1659 because they were Quakers.

The hostility around these events led him to join with others to move to territory not so dominated by Puritans which brought him to the island of "Martin's Vineyard".

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