(Gov.) Thomas Mayhew (1593-1682)


Thomas Mayhew was born in 1593 is the village of Tisbury in Wiltshire, England. That is how the town on Martha's Vineyard came to be called Tisbury. Indeed, adjacent to Tisbury in Wiltshire is Chilmark, as we find on the Vineyard as well. His father was Matthew Mayhew and his mother Alice Barter. Mayhew lived in England from 1593 until 1631 when he emigrated to Watertown, Massachusetts. For more of how he came to be known as "Governor Mayhew", click here.

In 1633 he married Jane Gallion Paine, a widow, who joined him in the New World with her two children from her marriage to Thomas Paine.

Thomas Mayhew and his first wife had one son, your great grandfather Thomas Jr., who was born in 1620/1 in England. Thomas Mayhew's second marriage resulted in four daughters, Hannah, Bethiah, Mary and Martha.

His son: The Rev. Thomas Mayhew, Jr.

His father: Matthew Mayhew

His acquisition of The Vineyard & Nantucket

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