B0RN: Garden City, N. Y., May 15, 1885

DIED: Paris, France, July 29, 1908

Father: Samuel Steven Sands, Jr. (1856-1889)

Mother: Anne Harriman (1861-1940)

Issue: George Winthrop Sands (1908-1986)

Issue: Anne Barbara Sands (b. 1906)

Wife: Tayo Newton (1887-1914)

Brother: Samuel Stevens Sands (1884-1915)

Your great-grandfather, Babu's father, was also called George Winthrop Sands. He prepared at Malvern College, Malvern, England. and then went to Harvard College in 1905.

He also married Tayo Newton in 1905, your great-grandmother.

Tayo and George


They had two children: Anne Barbara, born in March, 1906; and Babu, George Winthrop, Jr., born in June, l908.

Barbara and Winthrop (Babu)


Harvard College remembered your first great-grandfather as follows:

SANDS was always smiling, always glad to see you, always ready for any sort of fun. He left college after his freshman year, but many of his classmates will remember his genial personality.

For a while after he left college he was a stock broker but, to him, work was an evil and, in his case, not a necessary one. He was essentially a bon vivant. He liked the comforts of life and good things to eat and drink. Therefore, after marrying Tayo Newton in 1905, he lived abroad.

Here is a newspaper clipping from the time describing your great-grandparents wedding which was quite a scandal as you can see.

He was killed in an automobile accident in France in 1908. One of his children, George Winthrop Sands, graduated from Harvard in the Class of 1930, and married Anne Gibson in 1930. His other child, Anne Barbara Sands, married Lieutenant George R. Burgess, U. S. A., in 1926.

The famous historian Henry Adams wrote a catty letter to a friend at the time insulting GG Sands but worrying he might offend Granny and Tayo and so he kept his distance.