660 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York

At the northwest corner of 52nd Street in Manhattan was where Granny lived with WK when she wasn't in Paris. The house was built by WK and his first wife, Alva, from whom he got a divorce to marry Granny. The house was very famous in New York because of a ball that Alva threw while married to WK. Alva was not an attractive woman. She was "plump with bulging eyes", she "looked like a frog".
She was also pushy, boastful, domineering and smart. She was also determined to penetrate the heights of New York's oldest society and to do so, she decided to inaugurate her new house with a costume ball to beat all costume balls and to equal if not defeat Mrs. William Astor who had snubbed her in the past and who was the undisputed leader of the oldest families of New York.
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